Purim Rocked!

A Day in the Life of Shushan

“With a little help from our friends,” we took a “magical mystery tour” of a Beatles-filled Purim spiel. Everyone had a “ticket to ride” back to Shushan for a night of singing and costume-rich fun. We took the “long and winding road” through the Megillah while enjoying “every little thing” in a truly transformed Sanctuary. A huge thank you to all involved and to all who celebrated. Missed the spiel and the fun? Check out the recording and the lyrics.




Young Family Spiel: Purim 2024 is in the books. What a blast! Our Young Family shpiel and stories, along with carnival fun, was a hit with kids and adults alike. Thanks to our cast, and all who came and sang, paraded, played and enjoyed!

BESSY Celebration: Thank you so much for all your support and ruach in making our Purim Celebrations so great! It truly takes all of your contributions – from showing up in costume, to taste-testing the hamantaschen, to volunteering your time and energy at the Carnival – to create a truly special event. BESSY is so appreciative of all of you and we’re so grateful to get to share so many special memories with you.