Kabbalat Mitzvah

Celebrating Kabbalat Mitzvah at Beth Emet is a joy for our whole community.

Beth Emet’s congregants are thrilled to celebrate and honor the remarkable simcha of someone coming to the Torah at the bima.

At Beth Emet, we use Kabbalat Mitzvah for the coming of age ceremony rather than the traditional terms for those who come of age in the Jewish world – Bar Mitzvah (masculine singular) and Bat Mitzvah (feminine singular).

We have adopted the non-gendered term Kabbalat Mitzvah in order to have an inclusive term for all. Kabbalat Mitzvah literally means the acceptance (kabbalah) of the sacred obligations (mitzvot) of the Jewish people.

Reform Judaism was founded on the principle that Jewish practice and customs adapt with the times so our tradition can guide us today, and always, to serve God by living with righteousness and compassion. This includes how we use language to talk about our Jewish faith.

“Our words do not merely reflect our experiences but shape the way we understand the world. The term Kabbalat Mitzvah both reflects our broader understanding of gender and invites us to celebrate, embrace, and honor all of our people as they come to the Torah.”

Rabbi Andrea London

Whether you’re called to the Torah at the age of 13 or ascend the bima as an adult to renew your commitment to learning and community, preparing for Kabbalat Mitzvah is a journey that invites one to ask questions, explore our Jewish values, and seek how Judaism can transform our lives and our society.

Begin Your Kabbalat Mitzvah Journey

Shine when you take your place in the Jewish community.

We prepare students individually and tailor our teaching and expectations based on their capabilities.