Dor L’Dor, Generation to Generation

“As past generations planted for us, so too shall we plant for the future.” —Talmud (Ta’anit 23a)

What is Dor L’Dor? A Seed for the Future

Dor L’Dor provides perpetual support for our synagogue’s programs and services through bequests.

A legacy gift becomes part of the Beth Emet Foundation’s invested funds. Only a portion of the income earned is spent each year. As the investments grow, Beth Emet can flourish for generations to come.

Beth Emet has received more than $500,000 from bequests to date.


How are the funds used? Critical operating support

Generally, the program helps ensure there is always working capital to sustain day-to-day activities. Your gift enables Beth Emet’s doors to remain open for all who enter – now and in the future.


How do you participate? It’s easy to ensure that what you love about Beth Emet continues to thrive for future generations.

You’re automatically a part of Dor L’Dor by making a specific bequest to Beth Emet in your will or trust, or by naming the synagogue as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, annuity, or retirement account.

Once you do that, please let us know by completing this form. It’s non-binding, and you don’t need to tell us the terms of your gift.

Joining Dor L’Dor also helps us receive immediate support through incentives from the Create a Jewish Legacy program of the Jewish United Fund of Chicago.

On January 26, 2024 we honored all those in our community who are members of Dor L’Dor.  Listen to Rabbi London’s D’var Torah, sharing hopes for the future of the Jewish community.

Beth Emet has been a very special place for me and my family. My hope is that Beth Emet continues to grow a vibrant community that attracts Jewish families. A small amount left to Beth Emet can go very far. We listed Beth Emet as one of the beneficiaries of an IRA. As a nonprofit, Beth Emet doesn’t pay any tax when they receive it, so they can use the entire amount.

—Adam Prawer-Stock


Beth Emet has been a very important part of our lives for almost 40 years. Many of our closest friends, both long-time and relatively recent, we met through Beth Emet.

We made a legacy commitment in the hope that future members would have the opportunity to cultivate their own community at Beth Emet.

—Ellen and Matt Feldman


We cherish the sense of Jewishness that blooms in our daughters because of Beth Emet. We have reached that stage of life where we contemplate our legacy. We soon realized that we want young families to have the same connection to Beth Emet and Judaism as we have had over the past 30 years. From generation to generation.

—Shari and Stephen Reiches



The Beth Emet community is a source of strength through the good times and the difficult ones. Giving back to this loving community is important to us. It is a fulfilling thought that we will continue to provide support after our passing. By participating in Dor L’Dor, we also demonstrate to our family the value of charitable giving.

We don’t know what the future holds for the Jewish community, but we do believe that our progressive synagogue should continue to shape and influence it. We hope that our gift helps Beth Emet continue its role as a leader in the Jewish world and its place in the hearts of so many for years to come.

– Suki Fisher and Jonathan Yenkin