We pray in Hebrew, and we pray in English.

Whatever your upbringing, you will find a meaningful prayer experience at Beth Emet.

Our Prayer Books

At Beth Emet, we use the Reform Movement’s siddur, Mishkan T’filah, as our prayer book. It offers a Hebrew, transliteration, a translation for each prayer, and contemporary alternatives of the prayers. As a congregation, we select one passage to pray aloud. Feel free to follow the selection or find an alternative version of each prayer that speaks to you.

View online versions of these prayer books or contact the office to order a copy.

Online prayer books:

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Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav taught: Prayer is reaching.

It is reaching out to each other, into ourselves, and up to God. In truth, all three are the same direction, for when we reach out to others, we find ourselves and God, when we reach into ourselves we find others and God, and when we reach up to God we reach ourselves and others.

At Beth Emet, we show reverence for traditional Jewish prayer forms while experimenting and innovating, interpreting Torah, and taking time for silence and personal prayer.

We believe that the strength and depth of communal worship come from creating a structure that brings us together as a community while leaving enough room for personal prayer and introspection. We invite you to join us on our communal prayer journey and to carve out your own path as well.

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