L’chaim! To life!

It takes a village. Let Beth Emet be your village as you welcome the newest member of your family.

While you’re focused on midnight feedings and stroller walks to rock the little one to sleep, Beth Emet welcomes your newest addition with open arms as they begin their life as a Jewish member of your family.

There are many beautiful rituals and traditions that welcome your little one to Judaism.

A Brit Milah (also known as Bris) is the holy ritual of circumcising a boy eight days after birth. A Simchat Bat, or celebration of the joy of a new daughter, is a ceremonial recognition of a new arrival into your growing family.

Additionally, many families in our community give their baby their Hebrew name at one of our Shabbat services or have a member of our clergy come to their home.

Whichever of these traditions fit your family, we’re here to help!

To make plans for organizing a baby naming, to be connected to a Mohel (person trained in the procedure and ritual of circumcision), or introduce your baby at a Shabbat service, contact the office.