Through numerous endowed funds, The Beth Emet Foundation supports the synagogue in perpetuity and advances its religious, educational, and social action programs.

There are both unrestricted funds that provide general support to Beth Emet’s operations, but there are also restricted funds that support our educational programs, scholarships for students to go to camp or Israel, scholars-in-residence, and Beth Emet’s social justice programs.

The Foundation has been, and continues to be, funded through generous gifts from Beth Emet members and others in the Jewish community.

The majority of the Foundation funds provide their income to the synagogue while leaving principal untouched, a key approach to ensuring perpetual support to Beth Emet.

The following Foundation Funds are unrestricted, meaning that in addition to the income being available for distribution, the principal is also available for distribution, subject to approval from a governing body (the board of Beth Emet or the board of the Foundation, depending on the fund).

  • Assuring Our Future Fund
  • Rabbi Peter and Elaine Knobel Fund
  • Singer Fund
  • Temple Judea Mizpah Fund
  • T’rumah Campaign Fund

The following Foundation Funds are restricted, meaning that the distribution of principal and income are subject to restrictions as determined by the donor. In most cases, income is available for distribution, while the principal is maintained into perpetuity.


  • The Barbara Eisendrath-Baum Memorial Fund – supports educational or action programs which enhance the human condition in the spirit of Reform Judaism’s commitment to the teaching of the prophets.
  • Fannie and Naomi Cohen Memorial Fund – provides support to obtain, maintain or improve the equipment and programs of the religious school.
  • Jewish Education: Lifelong Learning Opportunities (JELLO) Fund – provides critical funding to develop and support new models for successfully engaging participants in the meaningful study at any or all of life’s stages.
  • Judith F. Krug; David and Florence Fingeret; Solomon and Lillian Krug Foundation – provides books for newborns and school age children.
  • David D. Polk and Marian Fried Adult Jewish Studies Fund – provides funding for Beth Emet’s adult programming courses.
  • Lenore Sherwin Education Fund – provides opportunities for creative and innovative Judaic educational programming for early childhood through twelfth grade.


  • Dorothy Barliant Memorial Choir Fund – supports music programming.
  • Sidney and Sarah Mogul Concert Fund – supports concert programming.


  • Gerald D. Chiss Memorial Scholarship Fund – provides financial assistance to young congregants who participate in Jewish camp experiences.
  • Arthur and Leah Eisen Memorial Fund – provides scholarships for Beth Emet students to study in Israel.
  • Dr. Richard I. and Marian Kaufman Leo Baeck Scholarship Fund – subsidizes Beth Emet’s Leo Baeck candidate scholars to participate in study programs in Israel.
  • Samuel Sherwin Memorial Scholarship Fund – provides scholarships for children at Beth Emet to attend Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) Camp in Wisconsin or other comparable religious affiliated camps.

Special Programs / Other:

  • Rita B. Gross Memorial Fund – provides funding to support outreach, social action, speakers, and various other programs.
  • Huckman Family Fund – supports Tikkun Olam projects with a preference for projects of direct action.
  • Harold Miller Family Fund for the Homeless – provides annual support to Beth Emet’s Soup Kitchen.
  • Louis and Anita Perlman Fund – supports youth programming and the maintenance of a youth room at Beth Emet.
  • Rabbi David and Aviva Polish Lectureship Fund – supports lectures at Beth Emet.
  • Edward Yalowitz Memorial Fund – supports the acquisition, maintenance, or improvement of equipment, programs, or the physical plant at Beth Emet.  This fund can also be used, under special circumstances, to help Beth Emet members in need.