Come as you are.

Beth Emet is an engaged community of passionate learners, who wrestle with God, hug one another, sing loudly, (and try to stay in tune).

Together, we embrace life in all its perplexing and thrilling complexities. Affiliated with the Reform movement, our practice of Judaism is steeped in tradition and made fresh every day.

Contact Bekki Harris Kaplan at 847-869-4230 or via email at bkaplan@bethemet.org for more information, a tour, or a schmooze.

We are seekers, and we are finders.
We believe in God, and we believe in people.
We have great leaders, and we are all leaders.
We believe in teaching, and we believe in learning.
We pray in Hebrew, and we pray in English.
We wear kippot, and we leave our heads bare.
We are accountants, and we are artists.
We wear suits, and we wear jeans.
We are of all ages, and we are ageless.
We have a beautiful building, and we have no walls.
We do good in the world, and we know we can never do enough.
No one can ever put us in a box because we will always be a circle of friends.
Be yourself and BE together.

We are Beth Emet The Free Synagogue.

Our synagogue is physically and spiritually a…

בית תפילה
Beit Tefillah

House of Prayer
A place to find a meaningful prayer experience, regardless of religious upbringing.

בית מדרש
Beit Midrash

House of Study
A place to engage heart, mind, and spirit, becoming more knowledgeable and growing intellectually and Jewishly.

בית צדקה וחסד
Beit Tzedek v’Chesed

House of Advocacy and Service
A place to act on Jewish values through a wide variety of opportunities to serve others and stand up for your beliefs.

בית כנסת
Beit Knesset

House of Assembly
 A place to spend time with people who share interests and celebrate meaningful milestones with friends and family.

בית תרומה
Beit T’rumah

House of Charitable Giving
A place to find a meaningful way to give back to your congregation, honor the ones you love & the ones you miss, and establish your legacy.