Beth Emet strives to be an engaged, accessible, and inclusive community.

Our doors are open to everyone.

People of all ages, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious upbringing, disabilities, and marginalized identities are always welcome. Individuals of all religious backgrounds, upbringing, and Jewish practices are welcome. Whether you are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, a Jew by Choice, or are not affiliated with a faith community, if you have a love for Judaism and respect for one another, our doors are open to you.

Interfaith Families

Our community is enriched by our interfaith families, interwoven into the rich tapestry of who we are.

Interfaith couples, new members of the Jewish people, those in the process of conversion, and religious seekers — welcome! As Reform Jews, we are committed to actively welcoming and building a vibrant, inclusive congregation.

The synagogue designs programs to meet the varied needs of interfaith individuals and families, to enhance their Jewish experience, and encourage practice and participation in synagogue life at a level that suits their individual needs.

Interfaith homes where the decision to raise children in the Jewish faith comes with questions and a need for community support. Beth Emet is here to help interfaith families connect with Jewish community as they build a Jewish life together.

Leadership, input, and feedback from Beth Emet’s interfaith members and families shape how we improve the interfaith experience at Beth Emet.

Beth Emet’s Clergy and Klei Kodesh (Senior Staff) as well as its members strive to make that commitment a reality.

Rabbi London offers guidance and support to help our interfaith families by providing sensitive and caring consultation and support about life cycle issues and events.

Combatting Racism

We are committed to fighting racism and systems of oppression.

At Beth Emet, we commit our energy to the Jewish value that all human beings are created in the image of God and deserving of dignity and respect.

We recognize that Jews of color suffer discrimination in the Jewish world by both blatant disregard and subtle indignities. In this country, white Jews have had privileges and an open gateway to the community that Jews of Color have not been granted. To take this understanding to the next level, we read, study, and discuss how our congregation can be better allies of Jews of Color. But what is studying and discussion without action? We must partner with Jews of Color in our Beth Emet community to see what we have missed and check our own discriminatory behavior. This is a continued effort. We are eager to take responsibility for these learning opportunities and action around ways to be the most diverse and inclusive community possible

Our Board of Trustees voted unanimously to act on our commitment by displaying a Black Lives Matter banner on the exterior of our building. Above the words “Black Lives Matter,” our sign reads, “B’tzelem Elohim — In the image of God.” This banner hangs on our building and serves as a proud expression of our solidarity with the Black community and as a statement of our commitment to opposing racism and working to eradicate all systems of oppression in our society.

Jewish tradition emphasizes the critical importance of pursuing justice and the necessity of raising our voices when our fellow humans are in danger.

This is summed up in the following words from the Book of Deuteronomy:

Tzedek, tzedek tirdof — Justice, justice shall you pursue.

Our opposition to racism exists beyond the signs we display around our space. It is ongoing work within ourselves, our souls, and a continued effort to understand that we must work to be anti-racist both outside and inside our sanctuary doors.


We are committed to inclusivity and accessibility for members with disabilities and their families.

How do we create belonging for everyone? That is the critical question for Beth Emet. Our synagogue supports members with all disabilities, physically and developmentally. We work to create a culture of belonging at Beth Emet through education, outreach, and advocacy.

When we renovated our building we made careful decisions to ensure congregants and visitors in wheelchairs and walkers could easily enter and exit the synagogue. To make it easier for everyone to participate in services, we installed a hearing assist system that connects with our sound system and purchased large print prayer books. At the sanctuary doors, we offer worshippers hearing assist wireless transmitters and large print versions of Mishkan T’filah. Before the High Holy Days, members of our inclusion committee train ushers to help worshippers find specially assigned seating.

Fostering a welcoming environment for our members with developmental challenges is a high priority. Individuals with development challenges that affect communication and behavior are welcome in our worship services and public spaces. Family members and friends of those individuals should always feel the warmth and support of the community. Our commitment to supporting all congregants with dignity and respect is a cornerstone of Beth Emet, and we work to make it happen every single day.

Could our community be more inclusive?

Help us make that happen!

Please reach out to Marci Dickman with your thoughts.

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