Worship Music

Music has the pow­er to fill us with joy and move us to tears.

Whether it’s the lively guitar chords of a Jewish camp song or the somber strains of the choir at Kol Nidre, music has always played a central role at Beth Emet.

At Beth Emet, we pride ourselves in being a singing congregation, a place where music plays a central role and is never a spectator sport.

From concerts to choir, to classes, to “jam sessions,” to Shabbat shira (song) services, music is infused into the fabric of everything we do at Beth Emet in worship, learning, and daily life.

Several times a year, Beth Emet focuses on the power of music during Shabbat Shirah, an entirely sung Kabbalat Shabbat service. The selection of the melodies, which range from the soulful and contemplative to the joyful and exuberant, intend to encourage all to sing along.

If a particular melody or piece of liturgy is not immediately familiar, following along with “la, la, la” will always do.