We do good in the world, and we know we can never do enough.

Find a meaningful way to give back to your congregation, honor the ones you love & the ones you miss, and establish your legacy.

Each member of the Beth Emet community makes a unique difference in our Evanston home and beyond.

From tzedakah to volunteering, congregants are helping us build a legacy for many generations of the Jewish community to come.

Whenever, and however, you contribute to Beth Emet, your gift goes far in helping our community connect, learn, and thrive.

“The black and white photos [of meaningful moments at Beth Emet] that line our walls represent people before us finding their Judaism in different ways. I give because there were dozens and dozens of families before us that made a similar if not greater commitment and laid the foundation for us… now I have a chance to do the same.”

Adam Prawer-Stock

When you contribute to Beth Emet, you create a lasting impact. In Judaism, charity is not merely an act of giving; it is a moral commitment of faith. Tzedakah (charitable giving) is more than a donation. The Hebrew roots of the word signify a gift that is filled with righteousness, fairness, justice, and a hope for what the world could be.

As we learn in the Torah in Parashat T’rumah, it is incumbent on each member of the community to not only donate “half a shekel,” but to also give from the heart. It is through the giving of the heart that creates a strong community, like Beth Emet.

“I have chosen to support Beth Emet even after my death, so that it may continue to be a vibrant community that teaches Torah by word and example to my grandson’s generation and those that follow…The tree I am planting now will continue to flower long after I am gone.”

Lenore Spear Reif (z”l)

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