Committees and Groups

We are accountants, and we are artists.

We wear suits, and we wear jeans.

We have great leaders, and we are all leaders.

No one can ever put us in a box because we will always be a circle of friends.

Walking into Beth Emet’s doors is about so much more than having a physical place to connect.

It’s about knowing that however you enter, there’s a space for you in our community.

Through our interest groups and committees, our members connect with like-minded individuals around specific efforts, initiatives, stages of life, and conversations.

See which of the many intentional groups we have at Beth Emet is calling your name.

Adult Education Committee

Crafting Meaningful Learning Opportunities for Adults

Under the leadership of Helene Rosenberg, the Adult Education Committee plans a wide array of classes and learning opportunities for our congregants. Lifelong Learning is a core value of Beth Emet and a vibrant avenue into Judaism for many people.

This group is for you if you are passionate about learning or if you have an idea to offer.

Contact: Marci Dickman

Advocacy Committee

Addressing Policies and Laws as a Source of Injustice in our World

Our work is driven by the belief that the world we hope for is possible. Participation in this committee includes informational marketing support (emails, letters, calls, etc) and attendance at rallies. Through our subcommittee, Interreligious Connections, we often partner with other Reform congregations and Evanston-based faith groups. Sign up here for more information and to get involved.

Contact: Judy Caplan

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Beth Emet Families Connect

Creating Meaningful Bonds between School-Aged Families

Families Connect brings your family together with others to help you widen your community through support and friendship. From exchanging parenting tricks to discussing the ways you’re hoping to bring Judaism into the home, this group links your family to others in our congregation.

This group is for you if your family has school-aged children, you’re looking to deepen your friendships with families in similar stages of life, or are looking for a support system in our Jewish community.

Contact: Marci Dickman

Choirs: Adult and Youth

Lifting Our Voices in Song

Music to our ears… and yours. Beth Emet’s adult and youth choirs play a key role (and note!) in enhancing our worship and holiday celebration experiences through a repertoire that mixes traditional with contemporary. The adult choir is for you if you’re filled with a passion for singing, like to turn up the volume on Jewish life, and connect to the spirituality of music.

Beth Emet’s youth choir meets Sunday mornings before Beit Sefer classes begin. Our youth choir group is filled with fun and energetic voices. No experience is necessary to join the choir — all we ask is that our youth choir members attend rehearsals regularly.

Contact: Cantor Kyle Cotler

Inclusion Committee for Accessibility

Creating A Safe and Welcoming Space

Beth Emet’s Inclusion Committee for Accessibility ensures that everyone has a place in our sacred space. Our Inclusion Committee makes Beth Emet a more inclusive home for individuals with disabilities by providing educational programs to raise awareness, making accessibility recommendations, and working with congregants and staff to adapt our programs and practices.

This group is for you if you’re passionate about creating inclusive and accessible spaces at Beth Emet and in the community beyond.

Contact: Marci Dickman

Israel Committee

Understanding Israel Through Our Hearts and Minds

Beth Emet Israel Committee’s mission is to provide balanced programming about Israel for the congregation. Working in collaboration with the rabbis and Adult Education, the Israel Committee’s programs focus on political, cultural, social justice, educational, musical (with the Cantor) and business aspects of Israel. In 2022, we are hoping that the synagogue will be able to return to in-person Shabbat congregational dinners, and to have an Israel theme for one of those dinners. New members are welcome.

Contact: Zach Sech and Mark Schoenfield

Membership Engagement Committee

Welcoming with Hachnasat Orchim: Hospitality

The Membership Engagement Committee makes our house a home and is focused on engaging our members and welcoming others to our sacred community. This committee welcomes new members, helps the Beth Emet staff market our offerings and membership to boost recruitment, and listens to the needs of our congregation. Plus, our Ambassador Program connects new and long-time members to build new bonds among members.

This group is for you if you’re a good listener, eager to meet new people and are passionate about creating a space for everyone at Beth Emet.

Contact: Bekki Kaplan

Social Action Committee

Creating direct, person-to-person connections through acts of loving kindness

The Social Action Committee centers around gemilut chasadim, acts of loving kindness, through a hands-on approach in our work. There are so many ways to get involved in the community around and support individuals who are suffering as a result of policies of injustice.

Contact: Lisa Levine

Our committee consists of many passionate people, and currently has several subcommittees including;

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The Beth Emet Soup Kitchen

Feeding the hungry with respect and love.

Every Wednesday evening since 2002, Beth Emet has opened its doors to members of our community in need of a nutritious dinner. Guests sit at linen-covered tables with fresh flowers and listen to live music while enjoying their meal, and they leave with a sack lunch to enjoy on the following day.

The Soup Kitchen has continued providing weekly meals throughout the pandemic. However, we have made important operational changes in order to safeguard the health of our guests, volunteers, and staff.

Contact:  Lizzie Graham

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Tikkun Middot

Finding Deeper Meaning Through Personal Growth

Tikkun Middot is the practice of personal growth in values and character. Guided by trained facilitators and the Institute for Jewish Spirituality’s curriculum, we cultivate traits such as patience, compassion, trust, forgiveness and mindful speech.

At our monthly gatherings, we focus on a specific character value, practice meditation, explore mindfulness practices and study Jewish texts. Between sessions, participants work with a partner (chevruta) on explorations of obstacles and opportunities present in our daily lives. This group is for you if you’re seeking to reflect, grow and act mindfully and intentionally.

Contact: Marci Dickman

The Tzedakah Committee

Ensuring our Community’s Tzedakah Reaches those in Need

The Tzedakah Committee administers the Tzedakah Grant program and encourages families to give tzedakah as a regular part of their Jewish daily lives. This committee participates in other activities that promote righteous giving including food drives and supporting the work of other initiatives at Beth Emet.

Contact: Barry Isaacson.

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Young Family Engagement

Welcoming All Families with Young Children

Young Family Engagement’s programs are for families with young children (perfect for kids ages 0-5) to explore Judaism in a lively, experiential and supportive community. This group hosts Jewish family experiences and provides a comfortable space for those of any religion to explore Judaism.

From Pizza in the Sukkah to Tot Shabbat to Singing and S’mores, we have events the whole family can enjoy. This group is for you if you want to meet families with other little ones, are passionate about Jewish learning for your kiddos, or are looking for a new playdate pal.

Contact: Kathy Kaberon

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