High Holy Days

As Rabbi Knobel z”l would say, “Baruch Atta Adonai Eloheinu Melech ha’olam WOW!” So many uplifting highlights of the 5783 High Holy Day season and every moment throughout the holidays truly captured what makes our community so special. To the countless people who contributed their talents, support, and boundless energy we say thank you!

We thank all those who made generous contributions during the High Holy Day season.

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High Holy Day Guide
Yizkor (Memorial) Book

So many amazing community members offered musical numbers throughout the High Hol Days.

See all 11 of them in a playlist! Or click on the individual videos.

David Graham (R’tzei)
Diane Weil (Avinu Malkeinu and Shir Tikvah)
Max and Mark Antman (Heal Us Now)
Max, Mark, and Daniel Antman (Ose Shalom)
Rachel Durango-Cohen (When You Believe)
Julie Chernoff and Cantor Cotler (A New Year)
Rebecca Raus, Susan Forte, and Danielle Crown (One Voice)
Eliana Prawer-Stock and Cantor Cotler (Od Yavo Shalom/Ose Shalom Mashup)
Jonah, Gordon, Eliza, and Karen Wright (If Not Now)

Don’t Miss Rabbi London and Erev Rav Max Antman’s words of Torah and wisdom throughout the High Holy Day period.

Watch their Divrei Torah through the playlist on the right. Or click below for an individual D’var Torah.

One Book, One Congregation by Erev Rav Max Antman and Rabbi Andrea London
Cancel Culture Is Here, for Better or Worse. So What Can We Learn? by Rabbi London
What is Enough…Now? by Erev Rav Max Antman