Worship Technology Support

Worship Technology Support

To Prepare for a Service

  • Make sure your browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox) is up-to-date. You can do this by opening your browser then finding Settings or About. We recommended these browsers for streaming:  Firefox or Google Chrome. (Internet Explorer and Safari can cause problems, especially if they are not the latest versions.)
  • Make sure you’re connected to the Internet via WiFi or ethernet (we don’t recommend using data to livestream).
  • Test your computer connection in advance by clicking the livestream link 5-10 minutes in advance of the published service time. That way you will be confident everything is working.
  • *If the service is Kabbalat Shabbat, Kabbalat Mitzvah, or a Holiday*– Bookmark our livestream page for easy access: https://bethemet.livecontrol.tv/
  • *If the service is Kahal Shabbat Morning Service*- Make sure you have the most recent version of Zoom.

During Services

  • Click here to join the livestream.
  • Make sure your volume is turned on/up.
  • You may join our livestreaming services at any time once the service begins. After each service concludes, it will be archived.

 A Few Helpful Technology Tips:

  • To watch in full screen, click the two arrows in the bottom right of the livestream window.
  • The livestream can be viewed on any smart device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • Livestreaming services on your computer or cast to your TV will provide the highest quality viewing at high definition.


If you’re having trouble accessing our livestream:

  1. Refresh the page/browser,
  2. Close and Reoopen your browser,
  3. Restart your computer,
  4. Call us at 847.869.4230 and press 4

 Tech FAQs

What happens if the livestream loads is slow or constantly refreshes?

  1. If you are using data, switch to WiFi or ethernet.
  2. Move your computer closer to your WiFi router (if using WiFi).
  3. Close any programs that you are not using. Additionally, if you are using a browser like Google Chrome, close any tabs that you are not using.

The volume is on, but I can’t hear! What’s going on?

  1. Within the LiveControl player (the frame around the live video), make sure the volume is on. Be sure that there is not a line through the speaker portion – this would mean it is on mute. Click the dots further up to turn up the volume.
  2. Be sure you have speakers for your sound, either on your computer or plugged into the computer. In your computer settings, you can go to sound, and find where your speakers are located.
  3. Your computer or browser may not be working properly. Try solutions above, including closing things that are open and restarting your computer.

I restarted my computer, closed everything else, and checked my internet speed, and those all seem to be fine, but I still have a problem! What should I do?

Call us!  (847-869-4230 and press 4).