Chanukah 5782

Celebrate Chanukah as a community by joining each night at 6:30 pm for candlelighting, led by our members. In this time of rededication come learn how we can each rededicate ourselves through the lens of Beit T’filah (House of Prayer), Beit Sefer (House of Learning), Beit Knesset (House of Gathering), Beit Tzedek (House of Justice), and Beit Chesed.

To join the Zoom candle lighting, click here or use code 831 9068 2330.

Read on and Mark your Calendars

1st Night: Sunday, November 28

2nd Night: Monday, November 29- Join 8th graders for a few games

3rd Night: Tuesday, November 30

4th Night: Wednesday, December 1 – Join for a teaching

5th Night: Thursday, December 2 

6th Night: Friday, December 3  – Shabbat Chanukah; services both in the Sanctuary and livestreamed

7th Night: Saturday, December 4  – includes Havdalah & a song session led by Cantor Cotler

8th Night: Sunday, December 5