Eating for the Earth: The Benefits of Consuming a Plant-based Diet

Our monthly blog, edited by Dayenu (climate action and environmental justice) Circle members Chris Wynn and Sharon Smaller,  will give you ideas, information, resources, and things you can do to make this world a better place environmentally, tikkun olam. As a community, we can learn from each other, so we welcome your ideas and questions. Please share with us your successes in your endeavors to “go green.”

For this month’s Green Maven blog, our topic is Eating for the Earth: The Benefits of Consuming a Plant-based Diet. As a departure from our usual written format, we offer instead a YouTube video. This video kicks off an educational series on various strategies for living greener. Each video features local residents from Evanston and nearby communities who have adopted different types of sustainable living practices and want to share what they have learned with you. This educational project is brought to you by the Evanston Interfaith Action Subcommittee on Climate Change & Justice. Hats off to Jackie Eddy, who chairs this subcommittee, for her outstanding editing of these videos.

Sharon Smaller, chair of the Beth Emet Dayenu Circle, interviews Martha Meyer, who is a longtime vegan or as she puts it, “mostly vegan.” She is a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Evanston and serves on its Green Team. You might recognize her as one of the children’s librarians at Evanston Public Library. Recently, she helped to spearhead a brand-new children’s annual book award called the Blueberry Award for the best in children’s books about climate change and the environment. I for one can’t wait to read the winning books to one of the young friends in my life.

In the interview segments below Martha delves into many facets of eating a plant-based diet. In an upcoming issue of the Green Maven, we will share Part 3 and Part 4 of this interview. Each of the video segments below is only about 6 minutes long, so if you are curious and want to find out the flavors of the plant-based diet or the 2 D’s of nutritious eating, then click below and enjoy learning from Martha, who is a knowledgeable, inspiring, and engaging speaker about plant-based eating and why her faith propels her to live sustainably in this way.


Eating for the Earth Part 1: What does this have to do with climate change? Can what I eat really make an impact?


Eating for the Earth Part 2: Exactly what is a plant based diet?