Beth Emet Teens Attend L’Taken Social Justice Seminar

Beth Emet teens recently attended the Bernard and Audre Rapoport L’Taken Social Justice Seminar. Through partnership with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC), they had the opportunity to share their views on social justice topics with the people who make the decisions on Capitol Hill. After taking electives on a range of topics, Beth Emet high schoolers decided to focus on three issues: gun violence, criminal justice reform, and migration. After collaborating with each other and local congregations, and with the support of the RAC, they were able to speak their truth to power, sharing their concerns directly with Representative Jan Schakowsky for almost an hour!

Emma Milner-Gorvine and Gabriella Cooper, their chaperones, are excited to share with you the groups presentations that they worked so hard on, and they are proud to see students continue pursuing justice. The lessons that we learned, we will carry into the Chanukah season and beyond – that it is valuable to listen to perspectives outside of our own; that we are stronger when we work together; and that we are capable at any age of whatever we set our minds to. As Representative Jan Schakowsky put it: when we fight, we win!

Happy Chanukah!

Immigration Reform by Matea Goldfarb, Zoe Kaufman, and Sophie Milner-Gorvine

Criminal Justice Reform by Lion Birnecker, Owen Levens, Thalia Selch and Lila Selch

Gun Violence Prevention by Evan Portnoy, Eliana Prawer-Stock, Gabe Silver, Emerson Singer, and Maddie M (from Beth El Synagogue)