Honoring Soul Stitchers in Memory of Nikki Zarefsky z”l

Thank you to the Beth Emet Soul Stitchers for knitting these magnificent healing shawls. We appreciate the love and care that has gone into each of these works of art. If you are in need of a healing hug from the community or know someone who could use one of these shawls, please stop by Beth Emet to pick one up.

Current Soul Stitchers: Marcia Baum, Becky Fields, Judy Feinstein, Valerie Kretchmer, Iris Lieberman-Tausend, Michelle Oxman, Gail Schuck, Judith Simon, Arlene Steele, Bluma Stoller

Missed Friday nights program, watch the recording here

Blessing of Shawls and Soul Stitchers:

Dear God, we thank you for the vision and compassion of Nikki Zarefsky who taught us through word and deed what it means to live by the mitzvot—the sacred obligations—with which you have entrusted us to live. Her life was a blessing, and we are grateful that her legacy lives on.

Today, we are also appreciative of the enthusiasm of Bluma Stoller who has picked up the mantle of leadership and for all of the amazing Soul Stitchers.

As we recall the compassion You, O God, extended to our ancestors while they were on their journey from Egyptian bondage to the Promised Land, we ask You to bless these healing shawls that have been made faithfully and lovingly by our Beth Emet Soul Stitchers. We also ask you, God to bless the knitters with wisdom and skill. May their good deeds nourish them and serve as inspiration for all of us.

We pray that those who receive these beautiful shawls will feel the loving embrace of the knitters who created them. May all who are in need find comfort and peace and relief from suffering and pain. We pray for healing and renewal of body and spirit for all who ail. AMEN