Supporting Israel and Our Community

We’ve created a dedicated page on our website to coordinate our efforts in supporting Israel during this crisis. It will serve as a central hub to access essential resources, provide information on how you can contribute and get involved, read recent congregational emails, and find out more information on upcoming programs. Check regularly for updates.

Support for Israel

Support Kibbutz Kissufim, a congregational project to provide support for a Kibbutz near Gaza that was devastated on October 7.

Donate – Consider a donation to organizations that most need additional resources in Israel.  Check here for a list of organizations.

A banner now adorns the north side of Beth Emet voicing our hopes and prayers for the return of the hostages to their families and loved ones. Yard signs with the same design and message are available in the office for interested members.  Contact Miriam for more information.


Support for Our Community

A Prayer for Our Hostages Both Those Who Have Been Released and Those Still Held in Captivity
We are grateful for the hostages that have been released this past week from captivity in Gaza and pray for that the rest of the hostages will return home speedily and safely. Click here to hear Cantor Young share a reading by Alden Solovy, Beth Emet community member, liturgist, poet, author, journalist, and educator.

Keeping Loved Ones in Our Hearts – We continue to keep the names in our hearts of loved ones within our community who are living in Israel. If you wish to share a name or two, contact Bekki.

Resources – Check out the following links which can help process what’s happening and offer ways in which to talk to children, adults, and the general community.

All Ages:

Young Kids

Elementary School:

Listen to the Hope and Healing Kabbalat Shabbat Service on Friday, October 13.

Add a Name to the Mi Shebeirach (Healing ) and Kaddish List – We pray for those who are being held captive, those who are healing from loss and dealing with trauma, and those who are on the front lines.  If you know of someone in Israel who you wish to add to the Mi Shebeirach (healing) list or a name to add to the Kaddish list, please let us know so we can collectively keep their names in our prayers.

Congregational Emails



Educational Program About Antisemitism for Adults and Teens Presented by the ADL
Sunday, December 10
Wondering how to respond when we hear swastikas were painted on a local Jewish restaurant or when teachers seemed to convey anti-Israel or antisemitic ideas? With the rise of antisemitism since October 7 locally and around the world, the Anti-Defamation League is offering a program at Beth Emet to assist us in learning more about antisemitism, some of the common tropes and myths, as well as ways to respond. Two programs are planned on Sunday, December 10 – one for adults and one for our teens.

Program for Adults State of Antisemitism: 10:30 – 11:30 am
Registration: Member / Guest
Words to Action for Teens: 12:15 – 1:45 pm
Registration: Member / Guest

URJ Heller High School Study Program in Israel; Insights and Experience from an Insider, Lila Selch
Wednesday, December 13 at 7:00 pm
In-person and Virtual on Zoom    Register: Member / Guest

Joel Braunold Trying to Piece Together the Past Two+ Months
Thursday, December 21 | 7:30 pm | In-person and Virtual on Zoom
Register: Member / Guest. *Note change of Date

In addition to being a passionate advocate for Israeli-Palestinian peace, Joel Braunold, Managing Director of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, will offer an analysis of the conflict since October 7 that is insightful, non-partisan, and filled with compassion. He is a highly engaging and knowledgeable speaker about geopolitics in the region. Following his remarks, Joel will take questions from the audience. For more information on the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, click here.

Past Educational Programs

Mickey Gitzin, Director of the New Israel Fund in Israel
Friday, November 17
We heard from Mickey Gitzen about the NIF’s work on the ground with the southern communities in Israel, including an update on Kibbutz Kissufim, the kibbutz that Beth Emet is supporting. Mickey also provided an update and insights into what is happening in Israel. Check out the recording.