Learning Together: An Interfaith Approach to the War in Gaza

On the weekend of February 17 & 18 we had quite an extraordinary opportunity to learn from Dr. Hussein Ibish and Dr. David Myers about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At a time of great pain and fear for so many, our interfaith community was able to come together for deep learning and communal discussion. Drs. Ibish and Myers have been teaching together for many years about the conflict in settings across the country, and they said to me that this past weekend was the most incredible event of which they have been a part. They found our interfaith community open and engaged and were impressed by people’s desire and ability to learn and to talk with and listen to each other respectfully. We did not record the small group discussions that followed each day’s lecture, but the links to the lectures are below and here is the link to the bibliography of sources recommended by our scholars. During the final discussion with my group, people expressed a desire for more interfaith programming on the issue, including more community conversation time.

With prayers for peace and well-being in these difficult days, – Rabbi London


Part I: From the Origins of Zionism to the Fateful Year of 1948 (February 17, 2024) – Recording

Part II: From Independence/Nakba to October 7 and its Aftermath (February 18, 2024) – Recording

Bibliography from Drs. Ibish and Myers