Welcome to the Combined EmetMail & Shabbat News!

If you’re like me, I suspect you too struggle with an overflowing inbox. Sensitive to this but knowing that we have a lot to share, we are combining EmetMail and Shabbat News to one email per week, to be sent on Thursdays. Even better, we are giving your thumbs and mouse a break by tightening the “blurbs” to a sentence or two with a link to our amazing website for more information and to register for programs and classes. And if you have not visited our website lately, I invite you to check it out. Our calendar is a comprehensive listing of all the events and services, where to find links and buttons to register. We also have a blog section filled with news, updates and highlights from past programs. Check it out!

We want to hear from you! As our new and improved EmetMail continues to evolve, your feedback is invaluable. Email or call! Love to hear from you.

Shabbat Shalom!

Bekki Kaplan
Director of Congregational Engagement