Purim 2023 Was a Blast!

Purim 2023 at Beth Emet included a BESSY Purim Carnival, Purim Shpiel, Megillah reading, and a young family Purim celebration! See them all below! If you have more photos to share, send them on over and we’ll feature them here and on social media!

The Purim Spiel and Megillah Reading was INCREDIBLE!

Purim Shpielers Extravaganza!
With much appreciation to our amazing Purim Shpiel Directors Susan Forte and Barb Wertico, and to our impressive Shpielers, lyric writers and the band who never fail to entertain and make Purim special for all: Cliff Berman, David Graham, Dan Kaplan, Robin Langer, Steve Miller, Louise Motel, Rebecca Raus, Linda Schneider, Alan Teller, Diane Weil, Jonathan Yenkin and Jerri Zbiral. And Thank you to Dan Kaberon, Dan Kaplan and Jonathan Singer for accompanying Barb in the band.

Talented Megillah Readers
Nisan Chavkin, Danny London, Rebecca Raus, Jade Selch, Tamar Selch, Zach Selch and Diane Weil.

Purim Carnival!
A thank you to all our BESSY-ites (Beth Emet’s Senior Synagogue Youth) and Emma Milner-Gorvine, BESSY Advisor.

Watch the Shpiel and Megillah Reading

Megillah Reading and Purim Shpiel

BESSY Purim Carnival

Young Family Purim Celebration