Mazal Tov Rabbi Sara Blumenthal!

I was recently ordained as a rabbi by Hebrew College, a pluralistic seminary in Newton, MA and will soon begin to serve as Assistant Rabbi at Congregation Agudath Israel in Caldwell, New Jersey. My formative upbringing at Beth Emet, from Kahal to the BESSY board, instilled in me a deep love of Jewish ritual and service and planted the seed for my choosing the path of spiritual leadership. The sacred opportunities to accompany people throughout their lives, to pass on age-old Jewish wisdom that finds new expression and relevance in our times, and to harness the transformative power of ritual to heal our broken world and imbue our lives with meaning all drew me to the rabbinate. In a world that feels increasingly scary to inhabit, these core aspects of our tradition inspire me to be a source of comfort, knowledge, and hope as a rabbi.

In my spare time, you can find me in a singing circle, on the bike path, or engrossed in a book.

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