Climate Emergency Resolution passed Unanimously by the Evanston City Council

Monday night (4.25) a Resolution declaring a Climate Emergency in Evanston was passed unanimously by the Evanston City Council.

The Resolution was introduced by Eleanor Revelle, seconded by Devon Reid, supported by Jonathan Nieuwsma, and all three made strong statements in favor. Inspiring comments were made by Foster Pratt and Emmet Ebels Duggan, Evanston Township High School climate activists.

Evanston now joins 2000 towns and communities that have declared a Climate Emergency. But this Resolution is not just a declaration.
It contains numerous action items compelling the City and City Staff to modify procedures and achieve goals previously adopted in the City’s Climate Action & Resilience Program (CARP), but never implemented. And importantly, report back publicly to the City Council twice a year. This clearly will be front and center for the new City Manager.

Before last Friday night’s services at Beth Emet, there was much info available about Earth Day and Environmental issues.
Michelle Oxman was there to share information about the upcoming vote on this Resolution and to collect signatures in support.
This petition from Beth Emet was mentioned during the City Council discussion last night.

A month ago this unanimous vote was far from a done deal. But a concerted effort by many has gotten us this gratifying result.

It’s important to note that the Resolution was introduced after a detailed and frank report from Cara Pratt, the City’s Sustainability & Resilience Coordinator, who noted the many areas Evanston is off track to meet our goals, and the need for the City to step up its efforts, and the projected millions of dollars required to get there.

Finally, you likely heard about the many ETHS students who walked out on Monday, calling for the hiring of an ETHS Sustainability Coordinator.

You may not have heard that when they walked by Dewey School, the entire Third-grade class came out to join them. I hope there is a picture of that!

Hank Neuberger
(Member of the CARP Implementation Task Force and Environmental justice Evanston)