Beth Emet Family Raises Money for Ukraine

Introducing Anton Mostovoy

I emigrated from Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1994. I’ve lived the majority of my life in the US and I consider Evanston my home. When Ukraine was invaded by Russia, I was utterly shocked and distraught to see the city I grew up in destroyed by bombs.

Just several days later, my friend Daniil got connected with volunteers in Ukrainian War Zones that were providing humanitarian aid. Since then, 20 of our friends came together to create Ukraine TrustChain, a non-profit dedicated to providing immediate funds to vetted volunteers delivering critical relief right now.

To date, the teams have evacuated over 5,500 civilians; delivered 6,500 meals, and much more.

Until institutional aid organizations are able to establish a reliable presence on the ground there’s a dire need for immediate relief efforts.

To help, please consider the following:

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