Pretrial Fairness Act Lobby Day in Springfield

Judy Caplan and Bluma Stoller went to Springfield!

In early 2021, the Pretrial Fairness Act was passed by the Illinois legislature and signed into law. The measure, which ends the use of money bond and transforms the state’s pretrial legal systems, goes into effect on January 1, 2023.

On November 17, Judy Caplan and Bluma Stoller, representing RAC IL and Beth Emet, went to Springfield for the Pretrial Fairness Act Lobby Day. They joined more than 400 people from throughout Illinois who came to to protect the Fairness Act against an attempt to rollback the historic measures and increase pretrial jailing in Illinois.

Judy and Bluma met with State Legislators, asking for their support and commitment to fight against rollback, including State Representative Robyn Gabel (Evanston) and State Senator Mike Simmons (7th District, including Rogers Park/Edgewater/Uptown).

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