Ann Feldman Published “Building Communities of Trust” 


I’m fascinated with trust – what makes some people trustworthy and why we distrust others. I’ve spent my career building communities of trust and amplifying the messages through media for social change. Our project Ties That Bind, featured Rabbi London and seven other women religious leaders and their Muslim, Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish communities connecting after 9/11. We held a town hall at Beth Emet, which became part of the award-winning documentary.

Routledge, Taylor & Francis will publish my book and case studies to empower future leaders to create their own social change projects. The book includes lessons and strategies which forty colleagues and I learned over 30 years to create social change.

Do you have ideas for social justice projects? If you are 40 or under, please contact Dr. Ann Feldman – for training, partnership, and participation in a documentary for Building Communities of Trust.

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