Shari Reiches’ first book: Maximize Your Return on Life has been published.

A Note from Shari:

Early on, my family experienced financial stress. My father passed away at the age of 32, leaving my mom with an 8-year-old (me) and a newborn son. As you can imagine, money was tight. My mom worked nights doing surveys and other odd jobs. She was a true role model, teaching me the value of forging ahead.

Through the years I have also seen my clients endure difficult times and financial stress. One can never forget the looks of sadness, even grief, at financial misfortune. I’ve always wanted to make a difference and help people alleviate financial stress. I have learned that it begins with financial education which leads to financial empowerment.

The book helps you make smart money decisions by having you focus on what’s truly important: your Core Values. Through personal stories and related exercises, you will learn how to spend your time and money in a manner which is aligned with your Core Values.

The book explores:

  • Your early and profound memories of money—memories that shape your relationship with money today.
  • Your Core Values—how to identify them and let them guide you in making important decisions.
  • Understandable financial planning and investing strategies.
  • How to protect your loved ones.

As I wrote this book, I continued to explore my Core Values: Community, Giving-Back and Family. As a member of Beth Emet for over 25 years, I realized that being an active member of Beth Emet fulfills these Core Values. I hope you will take the time to explore your Core Values.

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