Roger Price Publishes article on Supreme Court Abortion Case

Following retirement from the practice of law eleven years ago, I began to study the relationship of Judaism and science, two of the great systems that address the big questions about our place in the universe. Those studies ultimately led to a blog and the publication of my book, When Judaism Meets Science.

One of the areas in which Judaism meets science, and not easily, is abortion. This week the Supreme Court will hear argument on a Mississippi law which would ban abortions weeks prior to viability, the current permissible limit. Over twenty Jewish organizations have filed or signed on to briefs as amici, friends of the Court. I was curious about what they said. Having read their briefs, which contained some surprises, I had more questions than before I started. My latest essay is an effort to think through the issues, legal, religious, and social.

To read Roger Price’s latest article,”When Jews Argue In The Supreme Court About Abortion,” click here.

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